Here we tried to be nice. We tried to stay above the fray. We hung back and refrained from pointing out the woeful deficiencies of "Babes For Bush", including the oxymoron that is its name, just because we're nice people. And this is the thanks we get? Adjectives like "TASTELESS"? This, from people who spend $9,000 on drapes to hide statues' breasts at the Justice Department?

Some people just have no manners.

Of course, we could argue matters of "taste" all day long. We consider George Bush a little tasteless. For instance, it might be considered tasteless to thwart democracy by stealing the election a few years back, and by trying to buy the current one with proceeds from $1000-a-plate dinners attended by corporate fat cats. And it might be considered a bit gauche to award endless numbers of no-bid contracts to the same company that stands accused of ripping the American public off for an extra $60 million on its war-profiteering fuel sales, while more and more Americans drift into unemployment and poverty. Hey, it could even be considered tacky to bomb 10,000 or so Iraqis into nonexistence and launch a war that claims the lives of 500-plus American service personnel on the basis of lies about imaginary "Weapons of Mass Destruction" and plagiarized term papers. But hey, we're not Miss Manners, so what do we know?

It's apparent from the evidence above that Dubya's "No Child Left Behind" campaign has, like everything else he's done, failed. It is hardly surprising that an administration completely bereft of original ideas should spawn acolytes with spelling problems. Nonetheless, it is a sad comment upon the state of American democracy that such people are drawn to worship a "president" who didn't know the difference between Slovakia and Slovenia.

Since George has failed so dismally on the education front, it evidently falls upon the rest of us to take up the slack. To that end, we here at Babes Against Bush are proposing a return to traditional educational values. Not Demi Moore's hairy bush.

It is our belief that a good ol' fashioned spelling bee would set a fine example for the youth of America, and perhaps spur interest in the English language as an educational discipline. Besides, with an administration like this, shouldn't we all know how to spell things like F-R-A-U-D, L-I-E, D-O-W-N-S-I-Z-E-D, and H-A-L-L-I-B-U-R-T-O-N? We can work out the details of when and where - here at BAB, we're pretty flexible, since Dubya's economy has made so many of us unemployed.

C'mon, pro-Bushies, let's see what you're made of.

Unless you're chicken, that is.

Like your President.

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