An Open Letter To Our Critics

It's been quite a week.

Beginning with the first inquiry about BabesAgainstBush from a local radio station at 8.30 AM last Wednesday (December 3), a maelstrom was unleashed, and much to our surprise, we were at the center of it.

We now know exactly what the phrase "media frenzy" exists to describe. The barrage of phone calls, emails, interviews, and photo requests has been unrelenting, and what began as a fun, socially-conscious project conceived by a group of friends has evolved into a minor worldwide phenomenon. Press inquiries have arrived from Turkey, Canada, the UK, Sweden, and a host of other far-flung locations - not to mention the literally hundreds from within the United States. Interviews have been given to several broadcast networks and innumerable radio stations, and articles have appeared in print publications from coast to coast.

Plainly put, the support has been phenomenal, both from the majority of the media and the public at large. To say we're grateful is an absurd understatement.

Naturally and unsurprisingly, however, it has become necessary to accept the bad with the good. For people entirely unused to media attention, as most of us are, the effect can be a little disorienting. Stress IS a problem at this point. But that's ok; we're dealing with it fine, all in all.

What has been surprising is the degree of animus this project has engendered in certain quarters. Overt hostility from certain media figures, not to mention from their servile followers, has caused a degree of both annoyance and amusement. Innuendo, lies, cheap-shot insults about our members' intelligence and physical appearances, on-air ambushes from third-rate reactionary radio hosts, emailed viruses and threats, and general disparagement from some quarters of the conservative community have come thick and fast.

Of course, we never expected to "make friends" in these sorts of circles, which is more than fine with us. By and large, the aforementioned crap that's been flung at us isn't worth either noticing or commenting on; we're doing exactly what we set out to do - provoke discussion of political issues, highlight the failings of the current administration, and draw attention to political matters from folks whose attention might ordinarily be elsewhere - and we're more than satisfied with that. What is worth some discussion and attention, in our opinion, is a question that this hostile reaction raises.

What are you all so scared of?

Why does our simple exercise of our first amendment rights - rights which conservatives claim to hold dear - engender such foaming-at-the-mouth rage?

Why does political satire, such as we are currently engaging in, cause you such discomfiture?

Is it because a group consisting primarily of women is having the audacity to express views that aren't in lockstep synch with your hordes of button-down establishment pundits? Is it because common people - those ordinarily without access to the power of the broadcast media - have managed to make their voices heard above the din of the propagandistic garbage your media empires peddle as news? Is it because the inevitable dissent arising from abuses of governmental, corporate, and media power is somehow painful to you? Is it because our message has struck a chord with a sizeable percentage of other people such as ourselves, despite your best efforts to con all of America into buying your proto-fascist "You're either with us or against us" mentality, quoth Ari Fleischer?

Is it because deep down, under all your fury and bluster, you actually recognize the intellectual and moral bankruptcy of both your arguments and your behavior?

We think you doth protest too much. But that's just our opinion, which we're entitled to, just as you are entitled to yours. This is still, after all - despite some of your best efforts - America.

In closing, we'd like to cite a quote - unattributed, so far as we know - uttered by a military spokesman a year or two ago: "When you're getting a lot of flak, you know you're directly above your target."

In our opinon, truer words were never spoken.

Babes Against Bush