America's need has never been so desperate.
Locked in the iron grip of the Bush administration, the United States is crying out for liberation. And who better to fulfill the promise of freedom than the wholesome and resilient lasses our men have fought for? It's mere months until election day - that marvelous occasion when we finally get to send Dubya packing back to his stinking ranch, and return our nation to the greatness that is its rightful destiny. But first, we have to kick the bum out.

Now, you too can strike a blow for freedom...
Thirteen beautiful women versus one hideous president.
It's time to put the pleasure back into liberal politics!
What could be more un-American than that election-hijacking, economy-wrecking, war-mongering chimp George W. Bush? What could be more All-American than thirteen beautiful young women, exercising their first amendment right to thumb their nose at our bozo president? Clearly, these two opposing forces were bound to collide, and they do so beautifully in the lustrous, glossy color pages of this thirteen-month REGIME CHANGE COUNTDOWN CALENDAR! Each day counts off the number of days remaining until the moving vans pull up to the White House. And each month's pages are liberally lavished with facts 'n' figures about the failures of the Shrub administration.

For only $11.00 (plus $1.95 shipping), you too can experience the thrill of thirteen socially-conscious, stunningly-attractive young women escorting you through the weeks and months until inauguration day in January, 2005 - when America finally gets a real president again. Educational, entertaining, and socially responsible without being politically correct... all for less than a dollar per month! This is our second product after our popular bikini girls calendar.
But wait - unfortunately for Shrub, there's more!
A portion of the money we take in will be donated to worthy causes of the sort that give Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Powell and company fits - pro-environment, pro-civil rights, pro-peace, pro-woman, anti-AIDS, and most especially ANTI-Bush.
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