Glad you asked that. Simply put, we're a group of people who are pretty disgusted with George W. Bush and who want to do anything we can to get him bounced out of office next November.

It's no secret that a lot of Americans, and particularly American men, don't pay much attention to politics, and don't seem to notice when their leaders are ruining the country they live in. We wanted to find an interesting and attention-getting way to spur at least some people to sit up and take notice of a some basic facts.

Despite the fawning adoration lavished upon George Bush by Fox News and much of the rest of the mainstream media, there are a lot of us - a LOT of us - out here who don't buy into the lies, the wars, the tax breaks for the rich, the savaging of the environment, and the trampling of our individual rights. And despite the boredom many people feel when confronted with political issues, we wanted to show that involvement and interest didn't have to be as dull as Joe Lieberman.

We took our cue from some of the more noteworthy and attention-getting protest events in recent times, including the scores of women who took off their clothes and lay down on hills and fields to spell out "NO WAR" with their bodies. They did it, and a lot of people noticed. Simple, cheap, and effective.

So, beginning with the idea of the calendar, we decided to create publications and events that would work to draw attention to the failures and lies of the Bush administration, as well as to the rising tide of dissent forming against him. It is our hope that in whatever way we can, we'll succeed in publicizing the reasons why America can't stand another four years of George W. Bush, and in spurring at least a few people to get out and vote against him. He got into office by virtue of a complacent supreme court - and only 537 votes in the state of Florida.

We think we can convince 538 people to vote against him.

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